What is Arachnifiles?

Arachnifiles is an app where you can track all your tarantulas, scorpions, isopods, mantis, centipedes, beetles, millipedes, roaches, amblypygi, and vinegaroons in a fun interactive way. Track multiple feeding, molts, substrate changes, general notes, growth rate, and more!

About the Owner / Developer

Hello! My name is Michael Cannode and I am the owner and developer at Arachnifiles.

I've always loved insects and arachnids. Anything creepy and crawly has always fascinated me! As I got older and more tech became a thing I fell in love with that also.

I started playing with and practicing programming more than 15 years ago but only recently (in the past 6 - 8 yrs) put some real effort into it.

Made other things but nothing really seemed to be a fit...

So in late February of 2022 I decided to blend my 2 loves and Arachnifiles was born!

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