Jumping Spider Coffin Hides


Introducing the ultimate abode for your eight-legged friend – the Jumping Spider Coffin Hide! Crafted with care and designed to thrill, this miniature coffin-shaped hide is the epitome of spooky chic for your beloved jumping spider.

With its cleverly removable front panel secured by magnets, access for cleaning and observation is a breeze. And fear not, for your spider can come and go as they please through the discreet opening in the lid, ensuring both privacy and freedom.

But what truly sets this hide apart is its seamless integration into your spider’s habitat. Equipped with two powerful magnets, it effortlessly attaches to acrylic enclosures, providing stability and security.

With a range of colors to suit every spider’s style – from classic black to striking black with a white or red cross, and even daring shades of pink – there’s a coffin hide to match every personality.

Elevate your spider’s space with the Jumping Spider Coffin Hide – because even creepy crawlies deserve a touch of eerie elegance!

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Black Plain, Black White Cross, Black Red Cross, Pink Plain, Pink White Cross