Tiny Skulls


Dive into the realm of the eerie and enchanting with our mesmerizing Tiny Skull Accessories! Crafted to perfection and designed to captivate, these miniature marvels are the perfect addition to your tarantula slings’ enclosures and other small spider habitats.

Measuring at a dainty 1.8cm/0.7in by 1cm/0.4in, these tiny skulls pack a punch of personality while seamlessly blending into the intricate landscapes of your arachnid’s home. Each skull is meticulously crafted with intricate detailing, capturing the mystique of the macabre with unparalleled precision.

Transform your spider’s habitat into a hauntingly beautiful sanctuary with these captivating accents. Whether you’re a seasoned tarantula enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of eight-legged wonders, these tiny skulls add a touch of intrigue and charm to any enclosure.

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3 Random Skulls, 6 Random Skulls, 10 Random Skulls