Tree Trunk Water Bowls (4pc)


Introducing our Miniature Tree Trunk Water Bowls – the perfect oasis for your arachnids and insects! This set of four intricately designed water bowls, each measuring a compact 1.96 inches in width, brings a touch of natural charm to your terrarium.

Crafted in the shape of tree trunks, these bowls not only provide a functional water source but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your enclosure. The small size is ideal for accommodating the needs of various arachnid and insect species, ensuring they stay hydrated in style.

Made from durable materials, these bowls are both practical and visually delightful, offering a unique and enriching environment for your tiny companions. Elevate your terrarium setup with our Miniature Tree Trunk Water Bowls – a blend of functionality and aesthetics that will surely captivate both you and your cherished pets. Create a mini oasis for your arachnids with this charming set that adds a touch of nature to their habitat.

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